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kids and adults in winter coats walking through dense foliage


Explore, Learn, Participate, and Advocate

The Calumet region is a wonderful place for exploration, learning, participation, and advocacy. Whether through exploring on your own, participating in volunteering activities, or lending your voice and support to those working on key issues, you can get involved with recognizing this nationally significant place. See below for opportunities to explore, learn, participate, and advocate.


Get outdoors and explore the many diverse natural and cultural places in Calumet.

Virtually explore the many gems of the region. 

back of kid on bike at Big Marsh


Get involved in supporting the efforts to establish the region as a National Heritage Area.

  • Follow the Calumet Heritage Partnership.

  • Sign up for notifications about the bi-annual Calumet Outdoors meetings, which include presentations, initiative updates, and networking opportunities.

  • Read the Calumet Heritage Area Management Plan for more information about the effort and a guide to the priorities and status of the Heritage Area.

Hazel and Cheryl Johnson


Download free Field Guides for Calumet and the broader Chicago Wilderness region.

Attend the annual Calumet Heritage Conferences.

  • Presentations and programs from previous conferences are noted here.

Read about the history and significance of the region

  • Learn more about the case for designating Calumet as a National Heritage Area in the Calumet Heritage Area Feasibility Study.

purple flower, Greater fringed gentian


Participate in events and programs in the region.

Intern Kiesha seed collecting at Beaubien Woods
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