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Stories and Places of Interest

The Calumet region spans across 60 miles and thousands of years of history. Whether you have lived here your entire life or are just becoming acquainted, the Calumet area offers an intriguing set of places in which to explore, learn, play, and relax. Through the maps and image galleries below, explore places of interest and resources that highlight the region's natural, industrial, and cultural heritage. Share your story of the region and view other visitor's stories from the Calumet Voices, National Stories exhibit.

Guided Tour of the Calumet Region

Join us on a visual tour of the region to see what makes it so special. Starting in the west at Blue Island, we move across the lakeshore through the Dunes, and then circle back west through small towns and farms.

Sign: Welcome to the Marktown Historic District Since 1917

Story of the Landscape in 10 Maps

Maps tell stories about people and the land. When gathered together, they can tell a big story, like the one that shows how the Calumet landscape has changed over time. Take a virtual tour of 10 maps - made in the past and present - to learn more about the making of Calumet. 

Man pointing to wall display titled Mapping The Region with maps of Calumet

Pollinator Asset Map

With your help, the Field Museum is collecting and sharing information about pollinator habitat and resources for people interested in pollinator conservation in the Calumet region. Visit and add your garden, nursery, or event on our Pollinator Asset Map. 

Bee on purple coneflower

Calumet Voices: Share your Story

The Calumet Voices, National Stories exhibit brings together materials and stories from many different places across the region. Now it's your chance! Add your own story of the Calumet region here.

Cards with memories clipped to panel

Native Americans and the Calumet 

Eli Suzukovich, PhD, of the Field Museum and Northwestern University spoke about Native American life in the Calumet region during the past centuries. His presentation from 2020 was part of the Calumet Revisited series hosted by the Association of the Wolf Lake Initiative (AWLI).

Eli map.JPG

Explore Regional Heritage Sites

Local museums, landmarks, and other heritage sites provide pathways between the past and the present. Explore these places and learn how they represent the unique heritage of the region, and inspire future visions of this innovative area.

Steelworks Park statue of man, wife, and children
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