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Exhibit panels with the title "Calumet Voices/National Stories"


Calumet Voices, National Stories
Exhibit Series

The Calumet Voices, National Stories is a series of four exhibitions that brings together local museums from across the region to showcase unique collections of voices and stories that have shaped the American experience. Led by the Field Museum, Calumet Voices, National Stories is the first-ever exhibition series of Calumet’s intersecting contributions to nature, industry, and culture.

Explore the unique relationship between nature, world-class innovation, and artistic expression that makes this region located at the southern end of Lake Michigan an unexpected national treasure. Experience the daily life of an industrial worker and the role their work has in the region. See neighborhoods and nature through the eyes of renowned artists, and learn about the region’s natural areas through specimens like puccoon plants and red-headed woodpeckers on display. 


Share your own story of a special place or experience in the Calumet region here.

Calumet Elements

Host site: Historic Pullman Foundation and Pullman National Monument

The first exhibition, Calumet Elements, was held from June 26 through November 17, 2019 in Chicago, Illinois. Tour this exhibit to explore selected objects and images which reveal how the elements of WATER, FIRE, and EARTH combine to make this landscape an unexpected American treasure.

Three metal oval-shaped badges with employee name and photo. One is a white man, one is a white woman, and one is an African American man.

A Calumet Tapestry:
Artistic Views of the Region

Host site: Porter County Museum

The third exhibition, A Calumet Tapestry: Artistic Views of the Region, was held from May 19 through October 2, 2022 in Valparaiso, Indiana. Tour this exhibit to explore selected artwork and historical artifacts which showcase the unique character of the Calumet region -- where nature, industry, and diverse cultures live uncommonly close together. 

Man looking at a large tapestry of steel work

Calumet: The Land of Opportunity

Host site: Gary Public Library and Cultural Center

The second exhibition, Calumet: The Land of Opportunity, was held from January 30, 2021 through April 26, 2022 in Gary, Indiana. Tour this exhibit to explore how this unique landscape's natural resources made its dramatic transformation into an industrial powerhouse possible, and how thousands of diverse people came to call this region home.

Black and white photo of men pushing giant blocks of ice onto a train

Journey through Calumet


Host Site: Field Museum

The fourth exhibition, Journey through Calumet, was held from November 11, 2022 through December 3, 2023 in Chicago, Illinois. Tour this exhibit to explore important Field Museum objects and specimens collected from the Calumet region over its 125 year history along with items displayed during the previous three exhibits. 


Two man standing by large steel slab with names welded on it
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